EYC Sail Regatta for JAM Boats

JAM-Boree Schedule of Events

What the ???? is the EYC JAM-Boree
The EYC JAM-Boree began years ago as the JAM Regatta. In 2020, we reinvented the event to include all EYC Boats and celebrate the official, unofficial, start of the boating season.
Schedule of Events
•    Friday June 3– 1845 hrs (6:45 Dock Speak)
•    Fleets assemble in the Western Basin.
•    Parade and Review down the central channel for Review and Salute the Clubhouse.  
•    Vhf channel 72

1930 hrs 7:30 Dock Speak
After the review we reassemble outside the Edgewater Cut, in the vicinity of the new "H" fixed mark and flotilla together to the Crib for whats known as a Cribbean Cruise.
The review and Flotilla are open to All Boats of Edgewater and visiting boats for the JAM Race on Saturday.
Saturday, June 4
Jam Racing

Saturday June 5 – 1025 hrs - Warning
JAM Course Race starting at Pavilion
Requirements and Notes
•    0930 Skippers Meeting  10:25 First Wa4rning
•    Skippers must wear Neckties to All events. 
•    Weather Permitting
•    Jam Race open to All sailboats
Registration is $15.00 
•    Includes One Lunch Discount Ticket 
•    Complementary Beer available
Racing for NON-Racers are welcome to sail with each other. You have a separate start. Navigate the Race Course and compete against each other for prizes. This is agreat way to experience racing in a fun, non intimidating way, (not that racing isnt fun or is intimidating).
In the Interest of introducing our Club Racing program to Non-Racers, the JAM-Boree will have a class just for you. You will have a separate start from the other fleets. This is a great opportunity to get on the water and experience what this is about. 
Join us for Comradarie with discounted Grille Lunch prices after the race, and the most inexpensive keg of beer we can afford.
The cost of entry to the JAM Race on Saturday is $15.00
Discount Lunch Tickets Available for Sale. 
Keg of Beer provided. 
Go to Clevelandsails.com for more Information
Email  clevelandsails@gmail.com
Lee Jay Karns CSA Guy and JAM Co-Fleet Captain
Bob Savinall – JAM Fleet Co-Captain and JAM Engineer

JAM-Boree Sailing Instructions

June 4, 2022
Sailing Instructions

This race shall be governed by the rules in the Racing Rules of Sailing, the Rules and regulations of Edgewater YC and the Rules of PHRF-SS

Boats will be divided into logical Divisions based on Ratings and Boat Design. 

This class is for skippers new to racing and want to try it, or cruisers who need an excuse to get out on their boat and navigate through the Course. 

Will be announced at the Mandatory Skippers Meeting at 0915 hrs, meeting will be within shouting distance pf the flagpole

The start will be between XS and the flagpole on the Edgewater Pavilion. 
10:25 hrs first warning.

There will One Race.

Order of Starts, and Course designation will be announced by Radio before the first warning and at the Skippers Meeting.

Any notice WILL be emailed, texted and/or otherwise disseminated via electronic means.
Radio communications,  VHF 72

Mandatory check in by Radio. VHF 72

5 minute start sequence according to RRS Appendix U will be signaled by auditory horn from shore and simulcast by radio. 

If no vessel has rounded the first mark within 90 minutes of the start, the race shall be abandoned.

If the first boat does not finish within 3 (three) hours of the first start, the race shall be abandoned.

If a boat does cross the Finish Line within 45 minutes after the first boat in their start, they will be scored in place

Protest forms are available in the EYC chart room. 
Protests and requests for redress or reopening shall be delivered the EYC Protest Chair Mike Vining via electronic means within in the protest time limit mvining@att.net or 216-533-3934 The protest time is 24 hours after the last boat has finished. 
Protests will be heard via Zoom or some other means while social distancing remains in effect.

All boats intending to race shall check in via radio 5 minutes prior to the first warning signal of the day. 
A boat that retires from the race shall notify the race committee as soon as possible. 
VHF Radios are mandatory for this series and must be monitored at all times while racing.

Awards will be presented for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each division.
The Best Tie will be Awarded. (Judging is completely skewed depending on the Judges mood)