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Skipper City: Cleveland  
Port of Call:  Cleveland Yachting Club
Short Biography:     

I'm the CSA Guy. Allow me to buy you a drink soon so you can be the CSA Guy.

Last modified:
8/18/2022 5:41:07 PM
Yacht Information for Calmon
CSA  Paid True
Yacht Make: Cal
Year Built 1986
Yacht Model: 33-2
Sail Number: 52068
JAM Rating: 153
PHRF Rating:  135
Rating Authority:  Phrf-SS
Calmon Remarks:

1986 Calmon-Nee Kodiak. We do Ok in JAM when we are by ourselves. Breaking in Green Horns this year. It's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. 


Images for Calmon
Toasty Warm
Up Up and Away
Havannah Moon

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