Cleveland Sailing Association

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About The Cleveland Sailing Association
Sailing is alive and well along the shores of Lake Erie! After a horrific spring and summer of 2020 when everyone was in the throes of COVID -19, most large sailing events were cancelled due to the pandemic. But 2021 brings with it a resurgence of normal activity and sailing. Plans are in place to have a full schedule of regattas and sailing for the summer of 2021.
CSA is dedicated to building participation in sailing and sailboat racing in the central basin of Lake Erie. Each year hundreds of sailors participate in twelve events held at seven yacht clubs from Rocky River on the west to Grand River on the east and include all of the major yacht clubs of that portion of Lake Erie. CSA sponsors a competition between those who travel to the various venues and awards Boat-of–the- Year honors as well as Club-of-the-Year.
The CSA fleet includes spinnaker, non-spinnaker and one- design classes. Women’s, under 35 age, and double-handed races are also held with a growing popularity. Everyone will benefit from a strong and active sailing community; Clubs, sailors and businesses.
CSA has been busy meeting with clubs and event organizers to schedule events sso there are no conflicts between major events. This way all events should have maximum participation. 20210 events include:
  • CSA Kickoff Breakfast - Date to be determined
  • Great Door Prizes.
  • Nine Premier Regattas
  • CSA’s own Cleveland Cup
  • Boat - Of - The -Year and Club - Of - The Year Awards
  • Regional and National sailing championships
Member Clubs support CSA through payment of dues and running the sailing events. Business sponsors benefit from increased participation and sailing activities through out the region.
CSA is also promoting the womens sailing class, the under 35 class, and a double handed class. We are looking forward dozens of boats and hundreds of sailors participating on these events.