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Cleveland Cup - 9-26

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Cleveland Cup Race

Saturday, September 26, 2020


New- JAM for Non Racers

This class is created for those sailors who do not normally race, but want an opportunity to get out with other boats and go around the race course and see how efficiently they can make the boat go compared to other Non Racers in similar conditions. You will be the last start, and be guided by the race committee.

Current PHRF Certificates will not be required and you will be assigned a rating by the CSA.

We will reward the best finishers and and recognize all competitors in hopes you will join the EYC or another Racing fleet next year.

2020 Cleveland Cup Race - Sailing Instructions

2020 Cleveland Cup Sailing Instructions

September 26, 2019

1.         Rules

1.1       This race will be governed by the current  Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

1.2       In the event of a conflict between the Sailing Instructions and the Notice of Race, the Sailing Instructions shall prevail. This changes RRS rule 63.7

1.3       JAM sail limitations and equipment restrictions for JAM participants are governed by PHRF-SS rules for non-spinnaker fleets.

1.4       "Class" is defined in these Sailing Instructions as the group within a division to which a boat is assigned on the scratch sheet (example: PHRF B, JAM A).

1.5       The Organizing Authority for the Cleveland Cup is The Cleveland Sailing Association (CSA) and is hosted by Edgewater Yacht Club (EWYC).

2.         Entries

2.1       Boats shall be entered by completing registration with the organizing authority, including all required fees, and documents as prescribed in the Notice of Race.

3.         Skippers Meeting

3.1       There will be NO Skippers meeting. Course options are published with the sailing Instructions and the course number will be announced by Radio (71). Copies of the Race Instructions will be available at the EYC Pavilion before the race.

4.         Signals Made Ashore

4.1       Signals made ashore will be displayed at the flagpole located directly north of the EWYC clubhouse.

4.2       Flag AP with two guns (one gun when lowered) means “The race is postponed”. The first warning signal will be made not less than 30 minutes after AP is lowered.

5.         Notices To Competitors

5.1       Notices to competitors will be posted at the EYC Pavilion and by Radio. Ch 71.

5.2       The specific course to be sailed, the marks to be rounded, the order and the direction in which they are to be rounded are published in the Sailing Instructions. The course of the

race will be announced by radio before the Race. The RC reserves the right to announce a course not listed in the sailing Instructions.

5.3       Changes to the Sailing Instructions, if any, shall be announced on the radio and posted at the Pavilion no later than forty-five (45) minutes prior to the First Warning.

6.         Class Flags

6.1       The Class Flag for PHRF will be Numeral Pennant 1.

6.2       The Class Flag for JAM will be Numeral Pennant 2..

6.3       The Class Flag for T-10, If used,  will be Numeral Pennant 3.                                     

6.4       The Class Flag for PHRF J105 will be Numeral Pennant 4.

6.5       The Class Flag for JAM Non Racers will be Numeral Pennant 5



7.         Racing Area

7.1       Racing shall take place on Lake Erie, north of Edgewater Yacht Club.

7.2       Marks of the course may be the EWYC Compass Rose, tetrahedrons, government buoys, inflatable temporary marks, the Cleveland water intake crib and/or a combination of any or all.

8.         Course & Directions:

8.1       The course to be sailed will be announced on the Radio. Courses are published in the Sailing Instructions.

9.         The Start

9.1       Races will be started using RRS rule 26.

9.2       The First Warning is scheduled for 10:25am

9.3       A boat or boats starting later than five (5) minutes after its starting signal shall be scored as DNS (Did Not Start) without a hearing. This changes RRS rules 35, A3, A4.1 and A5.

10.       Recalls

10.1     Individual recalls will be signaled in accordance with rule RRS rule 29.1. It is the responsibility of each boat to start properly. The race committee may attempt to hail boats that have not started properly on VHF channel 71 and/or via hail. The following are not grounds for redress: failure of the race committee to hail any or all boats, failure of a boat to hear or receive its hail, timeliness of the hail, or the order of boats within the hail.

12.       Time Limit

12.1     The time limit for this race shall be three (4) hours. Those Boats that have not Finished within 4 hours will be scored TLE.  

13.       Equipment & Measurement

13.1     A boat may be inspected before starting or after finishing for compliance with the Notice of Race, the Sailing Instructions or its measurement certificate.

14.       Protests

14.1     Protest Time shall end forty-five (45) minutes after the final boat has finished or withdrawn. Protests will be heard by a qualified panel of Judges with the next week.

            Provisional Scores will be published. Protests may be registered with the Race Officer or Organizer.   

14.2       Protests, the outcome of which, will not a change in position of the first three finishers of a class or division and/or the awarding of a trophy, may heard later, at a date and time to be determined but shall be heard before the scores are final.

15.       Scoring

15.1     The Low Point Scoring System, RRS A2, will apply.

16.       Communications VHF 71

16.1     A boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communication not available to all boats. This includes the use of mobile phones or other such telephonic devices to transmit and/or receive race related information and/or data.

16.2     Any boat may monitor race committee communications on marine VHF channel 71.

16.3     Any communications between race committee personnel and/or committee boats, which may be overheard by competitors, shall not be grounds for redress or protest.

16.4     All Boats sailing in the Cleveland Cup will check in by radio when near the starting area. Boats not checked in will NOT be scored.


17.       Prizes

17.1     First, Second & Third place prizes will be awarded for each class that has at least five (4) boats.

17.2     Prizes will be awarded for first and second places for classes that have four (4 or 3) boats.

17.3     The Cleveland Cup Trophy may only be awarded to a PHR, or JAM Boat. One Design Boats will be scored on time for the Cleveland Cup Trophy.

17.4     Prizes shall be awarded at the CSA Pre Season Breakfast 2021

17.5     Prizes will be awarded for the JAM-Non Racers

18.       Disclaimer of Liability

18.1     Competitors participate in the race entirely at their own risk. See Rule 4, Decision to Race. Neither the organizing authority nor Edgewater Yacht Club or CSA, will accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction prior to, during, or after the race.

19.       Insurance

19.1     Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance sufficient to cover liability for loss, damage, personal injury or death.

Wall Courses using Lakewood Fixed Mark Course. S - off Station  and not Used

1. X(s) D(p) X(s) D(p) X(p)  Course Can be Shortened at second leg. – 3.58 / 7.16

2. X(s) C(s) X(p) C(p) X(p)  Course Can be Shortened at second leg. – 3.96 / 7.92

3. X(s) C(p) E(p) X(p) 5.8

4.X(s) C(s) CRIB(p) E(p) X(p)  - 7.7

5. X(s) D(s) C(p) B(p) A(p) H(p) G(p) F(p) E(p) X(p)  - 9.6

6. X(p) Crib(p) X(s) -  6.4

7. X(s) B() F(p) X(p)  - 7.96

8. X(s) F(s) B(s) X(p)  - 7.96

9.  X(s) C(s) CRIB(s) X(s) D(p) X(p) - 8.59 (Course can be shortened at X See Course 6)

10. X(s) A(p) F(p) X(p) - 8.38

11. X(s) E(s) C(s) X(s) 5.8

12. X(s) C(p) E(p) X(p) 5.8

13. X(s) D(p) F(s) Crib(s) X(s) 9.79

14. X(p) CRIB(p) F(p) X(p) - 8.72

15. X(s) F(s) A(s) X(s) -8.38

16. X(s) C(p) X(p) CRIB(p) X(s) - 10.36

17. X(s) F(s) H(s) X(p) - 8.29

18. X(s) H(p) F(p) X(p) - 8.29

19. X(s) F(p) Crib(s) X(s) - 8.72

20. X(s) B(p) X(p) – 5.44

21.  X(s) B(p) H(p) X(p) – 7.87

22. X(s) D(P) B(p) X(p)  – 5.93

23 X(s) B(p) D(p) X(p) 5.93

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