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2016 July Events of Community Interest
Current Standing And Results

July 29
FW Roberts Race

August 13

August 20 - 21
Mentor Regatta

August 27
NCWSA Women's Regatta

August 26-28
Grand River Regatta

September 10
Cleveland Cup

October 15-16
216 Regatta
The (216) Regatta is a fall One Design Regatta for the J/22, J/70 and J/105 classes held at Edgewater Yacht Club

The Cleveland Sailing Association - 2016


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The mission of the Cleveland Sailing Association, (CSA) is to increase activity in sailboat racing in the Greater Cleveland Area.

We do so by combining our member club’s regattas in series format. This gives racing teams a chance to travel to other clubs and sail in a variety of races while enjoying the hospitality and camaraderie of the Cleveland sailing community. The Governing Authority is the Cleveland Sailing Association

The Advantages of the CSA:
  • CSA entrants are granted free dockage (Wednesday to Wednesday) at host regattas. 
  • Registration discounts for CSA Boat of the Year designated events (except CYC Leukemia Cup)
  • A chance to participate in the Cleveland Cup – CSA’s Invitational Race. 
CSA scores and awards four series;
  • Boat of the Year (BOTY) for PRHF, JAM, and One-Design fleets 
  • Women’s
  • Double Handed
  • South Shore Cruising
Boats are encouraged to participate in multiple series. A single $35 registration fee allows eligibility in all CSA series.

BOTY (Boat of the Year)
The BOTY is the most prestigious and lengthy CSA series. It encourages participation in all club regattas that are designated CSA events.
  • EYC JAM Regatta
  • Chagrin Lagoons June JAM
  • Cleveland Race Week (EYC) – also scored in South Shore Lakeside Regatta (LYC)
  • Leukemia Cup (CYC) 
  • Princess Pat Trophy Race (FCYC) – also scored in South Shore
  • Mentor Harbor Yachting Club Regatta (MHYC)
  • Grand River Sailing Club Regatta (GRSC)

Women’s races are raced with an all women crew; a male coach is allowed on board and he cannot participate helming or crewing the boat. Double handed races are for yachts that are crewed by 2 people. Races are contested prior to the main regatta or as modified by the event sailing instructions. CSA scores these series at the following regattas.
  • Cleveland Race Week (EWYC)
  • Lakeside Regatta (LYC)
  • Princess Pat Friday Race (FCYC)
  • Leukemia Cup (CYC) 

This series is designed to encourage point-to-point racing without requiring a yacht to travel long distances or to participate in races beyond their ability due to distance or weather.
The South Shore Cruising series is open to any boat participating in CSA.
The series includes 7 longer, point-to-point races. The series scores a yacht’s best score from 4 of the 7 races. The seven races comprising the South Shore Cruising series are:
  • Cleveland Race Week (EYC) – Thursday and Friday, evening races only, also scored in BOTY series
  • Roberts Race (CYC)
  • Princess Pat Trophy Race (FCYC) - also scored in BOTY series
  • Governor’s Cup (LYC)
  • Falcon Cup (CYC to MHYC)
  • Indigo (MHYC)

2016 Schedule of Sail Events
Edgewater JAM Race and Crew  Party
Edgewater Yacht Club
Saturday, June 4

Chargin Lagoons June JAM Regatta
Chagrin Lagoons Yacht Club
June 18 - 19
More Information

Cleveland Race Week 
Edgewater Yacht Club
June 17 - 26
More Information

Ruhlman Cup
Lakeside Yacht Club
July 8 - 10
More Information

Princes Pat Trophy Race
Forest City Yacht Club
July 15-16

Gulden/Mcarty Cup
Lakeside Yacht Club
July 17

Leukemia Cup
Cleveland Yachting Club
July 21 - 24
More Information

F.W. Roberts Race
Cleveland Yachting Club
July 29
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Falcon Cup
CYC to Mentor Harbor Yacht Club
Aug 13

Mentor Regatta
Mentor Harbor Yachting Club
Aug 20-21 

Grand River Regatta
Aug 27-28

Indigo Race
Indigo Trophy Race
Mentor Harbor Yachting Club
Sept 9

Cleveland Cup
Edgewater Yacht Club
Sept 1

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